Please Find Me A…. Wicker Headboard

Kyla asked me to find her a Wicker headboard.  Not sure what price range or color she was looking for, I gave her the best variety of prices and colors I could find.… Continue reading

Advent Round Up

I have seen so many different advent calenders over the years.  Call me lazy, but I never really get around to doing them.  I am thinking of typing up some ideas on paper… Continue reading

In The After – Book Review

In The After by Ashley Mackler-Paternostro There is a reason fairy tales end when they do … because happily ever after is just the beginning of real life. Once upon a time in… Continue reading

Delta Faucet Review

It seems like the bathroom is the last place you really hear of new technology coming out, am I right?  We have all seen the amazing new touch technology ads for the Delta… Continue reading

What Will They Think Of Next? #review

Not only are these ear phones amazing quality, they are pretty with their Swarovski crystals. It’s like earrings and earphones in one! I used the earphones for the first time they sounded great… Continue reading

Secrets and Scandals

We all have secrets.  Maybe secret is too strong of a word.  Things we would rather not discuss in public?  I find these things I have to get off my chest, and my… Continue reading

More of Bella and Edwards Cottage

I found more pictures of the Cullen cottage from Breaking Dawn 2, but I still can’t find anything of their bedroom and living room. Have you seen any? Find Me On: Twitter  … Continue reading

Heaven Changes Everything – Book Review

Title: Heaven Changes Everything   Author: Todd & Sonja Burpo Release Date: October 2012 Publisher: Thomas Nelson Genre: Christian, Non Fiction About The Book: In fifty unique inspirational readings based on excerpts from their story, Todd… Continue reading

House Crashing: Holiday Decorating Ideas

Diana’s holiday decorating style is to work with what you already have. Her home is beautiful during the year and she incorporates her seasonal decor into it. Beautiful vignette’s are dispersed all throughout… Continue reading

Why Mommy Drinks (diet coke)

You can thank me for the free birth control later.  Find Me On: Twitter     Facebook    Pinterest Thanks for subscribing! I hope someone is actually reading this, and please feel free… Continue reading