All About Me


I’m Brooke, an Interior Designer and mom to 3 boys, including a set of crazy twins. I started blogging to catalog ideas and inspiration, an online design journal if you would. I believe that your home should be your place of refuge, a safe, warm and welcoming place that should reflect who you are and what you love, not necessarily what is on trend.

 I love before’s and after’s and find inspiration from others. I love a good challenge, whether it be a small budget or a quirky architectural feature, because it always creates a unique solution.  I hope that in posting inspiration photos, before and afters, design trends, and finished projects that I will inspire myself and others to create a home that is perfect for those who live in it.

 This is my place to be me, and while staying at home with kids is an experience I always wanted to have, I find (in addition to design) reading books and blogs to be my own little “ME” time that I can sneak in to my day, so I will also post books reviews.

 I hope this is a great place for you to find ideas, and please know I get great ideas from you!  Feel free to email me projects you have done or any design questions.


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Services I offer: 


Ask A designer – send me a picture and an email describing what you are having troubles with in your house. Off center windows? Paint Colors? Ask a designer! (samples can be seen at


Give me Lots! – Do you want lots of ideas for your home? I will ask a panel of designers with various design styles what THEY would do with your space.


-All services are free, as long as I can post pictures. Timing would depend on availability, but would be quoted in the initial email.