Show Homes Vs. Real Homes

This house was a new one for me in that I loved the decorating and furnishings but not necesarrily the house itself.

The breakfast nook has an adorable table and chairs.  I really like the navy blue accent wall.  Navy is a big trend coming up in interiors, and I like it.  The light and the table look cute.  In actuality, I think I would want a bigger table for my own family dinners.

I love this kitchen.  As much as I have been big time into white cabinets and white kitchens these days, the mid tone stained wood cabinets are timeless and will always be in.  I really like the Navy paint color with the cabinets.  This would be a good idea for those with oak cabinets they don’t want to replace but want a more updated look.

The kitchen and nook have a very timeless look to them, which I like.  I hate the tile floors, I would much rather see a maple hardwood throughout the entire main floor.  I also don’t like the drywall on the island.  Its too start and takes too much attention away from the more beautiful aspects of the room.  I think a wood piece would look much better here.

I love love love the granite counters and the penny tile backsplash.  Timeless, classic, but updated and current.  LOVE.

I have mentioned before, and I will say it a million times again.  I hate corner fireplaces.  This one works, but only because the chairs here are tiny, and if this were someones house and not a show home, those chairs wouldn’t be big enough or comfy enough to own.  My husband would never let me leave those chairs here.  
The chevron subway tile on the fireplace, however, is awesome.  Its trendy and fun, makes a bold statement, without overpowering a room.

The chevron also looks awesome in the master shower.  The white grout shows off the unique tile detail.  Easiest and least expensive upgrade ever.

I think this office is pretty.  Not really functional, but pretty.  I like the art, the wood texture of the desk, and that its light and bright.  But who really uses a desk with no storage, floating in the middle of a room?  I also wouldn’t ever take a bedroom away to use as an office.  Few people need an entire room to dedicate to an office, when a desk built into a kitchen or tech space into a great room would work much more efficiently for space.  This is a room that looks great in the picture, but no real house would have this.  BUT STILL, its pretty.

What do you think?  Am I being too picky?


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