Featured: Tribal Foot Stool DIY

I have mentioned how the tribal pattern trend has caught my eye lately.  What could be better than a DIY project on the cheap with a tribal pattern on top of that?  Seems too good to be true…. kidding.  
Karen, who blogs over at Annumography, surprised me with her amazing transformation of a church rummage sale $1.50 ottoman.  See the beauty in its prior state.  Not bad, but nothing worth photographing in any way.

I think its totally out of the box because my first instinct would be to make a slip cover for it out of a neutral linen fabric.  While that would look good too, this tribal motif adds that wow factor.  I love that she incorporated the existing contrast stitching into the pattern. 
There is something about a low cost project that is very freeing.  Karen knew if it didn’t turn out perfect that it would still have some hand painted charm.  Better yet, if in the years to come she tires of the pattern, she still can slip cover it then.
For the full details and materials, check out her blog!


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