Another Forgotten Child – Book Review

Another Forgotten Child is a true story about a child taken into foster care, told from the perspective of the foster parent, Cathy Glass.  Aimee is a child who has been severely neglected and abused.  The details to which I couldn’t have even described before reading this book.  I hear the word neglect and the image that comes to my mind is that of an abandoned child left to fend for themselves for the majority of their days.  I would think that that is sometimes the case, but also can be used to describe the neglect of a child’s day to day needs.  Food, Shelter, Hygiene, and Social Interaction.

When Aimee came into the home, she only ate cookies.  Literally, ONLY cookies.  She was 8 years old but couldn’t even complete tasks a preschooler could, like a puzzle, holding a pencil, or dressing herself.  She didn’t know how to use a fork and knife.  She had never ate at a table, sitting in a chair.  Had never had a bath or shower. Only a sponge bath in the sink.

When I started reading this book, I was sad and disgusted at how Aimee’s mother treated her.  I think taking older kids into foster care is a really challenging  task.  After finishing this book, I have really thought about WHY it seemed like such a gargantuan task.  I previously felt that the older children in foster care had seen so much disgrace of human nature that there is no way they could function in regular society.  Another Forgotten Child is not only a story of tragedy  but it also shows a real and positive view point of a foster care provider as well as the hope that these children can have under their guidance.  Aimee’s story is one of sadness, struggle, hope, and joy!  I was so relived and shocked that this story had a happy ending.

I loved this book, and would give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

I received a free copy of this book from the publishers through TLC Book Tours


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