Red Kitchen Redesign

Tim & Sue are about to move into a new home. 
Before even moving in, they want to paint the walls in the great room / kitchen. Their goals were to lighten the space and to have a paint color that would look good with the color going up the stairs, but different enough that it doesn’t look like you tried to match the color and failed.
This is the before I was shown. Scary, dark, and very cluttered.  I will now show you what I have dreamed up for this space.

Option 1: Paint the walls a neutral color. 
Already this is a million times better, but I would still like to see it updated a bit more.
Option 2: Paint the walls and paint the cabinets
Option 3: The Whole Wham Bham.
Obviously, this is just an IDEA of what you could do. However, I think this kitchen would look AMAZING with a light paint color such as Moonshine or Palladian Blue from Benjamin Moore. The cabinets are in great shape, and the layout works well, so I would suggest painting the cabinets white.
Options that could be added over time:
A new pantry door with a glass insert to break up the massive wall of wood.
Hardwood floors – any stain would look amazing in this kitchen. 
Backsplash – a white subway tile or mosaic would look good, if you like the look.
Granite Countertops: I have shown Alaskan White.
Lets look at the before and afters of that again:
UMM. I think I just drooled all over my desk. I love it.
I hope they like what I have come up with!

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