Bloggers Home Tour – Wicked & Weird

I love a house that changes and evolves over time. I am a furniture mover, and I always have befores and NOW rather than befores and afters in my house.  I love the eclectic look to this house, and the classic and fun kids rooms.

I love the look of this house, love the kids rooms, and love her style. And by stalking her, I now see that she is Canadian, so even better!

If you look closely, you can see many different furniture layouts in these two rooms.

The best feature in kids rooms are things that are fun and / or sentimental.  These kids rooms feature both.

I think the basement is a great combination of function and design.  There is tons of storage and plenty of room for kids to play.  That beam is perfection.

Do you have a space that you love?  Send me some pictures.  You can check out the adventures and changes of this house at Wicked and Weird.


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