Saving Money In College

College. A time in your life where you are trying to live life to the fullest, entertaining champagne style on a beer budget. The things we do to keep ourselves entertained.

My first summer semester, we got a huge thrill out of what could be thrown off of the stadium bleachers. Like a toilet. It crushes into a fine powder. Students sold their plasma for spending money money. You can work for $6 an hour cleaning toilets on campus at 5am. Our gossip column was the school’s letters to the editor. Juicy and entertaining. Most of your friends work at Call Centers, leaving you with a lot more sympathy to telemarketers, who get paid if they complete the survey.

In order to help you save money, so that you have more of it to spend having the time of your life, I have compiled a list for you.

Ways Students Can Save Money At College:

Take the toilet paper from campus

Eat your roommates food

Ride your bike. Better Yet, a Unicycle.

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