BlogWest 2013 – A Canadian Blog Conference

BlogWest 2013 is coming to Edmonton, Alberta March 7-9, 2013

Last year, I heard of this conference taking place in the Western side of Canada. Hallelujah. As much as I love the east coast, the world doesn’t revolve around it. There is TONS of amazing talent here on this side! I was so excited to attend, but my twin boys were still so young, they weren’t able to go out in public (they were preemie, born at 2 lbs each). There was no way I could leave them at home.

So I got to follow all of these blog friends, blog stars, and blog celebrities on twitter, dying over the constant updates:

I am so excited to be able to attend this year, and this time I don’t have to climb the outside of the CN tower to make some new blog friends! I am so excited, big events like this always take place FAR AWAY. So if you are a big time blogger, a casual blogger, or wanting to start a blog, you should be there. Its going to be great. And the company is pretty much amazing.

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