Pinterest Vs The Design Blogs – Moody Monday

I have always been a huge reader of design blogs. I love to know how people came up with the idea, what the problems were with the space, and how they accomplished it on a real budget. I feel the need to constantly rearrange my furniture, which brings with it the need to arrange my artwork, accessories, and everything else I can think to move.  I log in to my reader each night with 300+ new blog posts to read.  A lot of them I skim through, as I follow for one type of their blog posts, not all.  The fashion ones I can skim as well.  I mark unread a few that I know I want to read during the day and devour the comedic dialog.

Lately I keep hearing everyone say that they are too busy checking out pinterest to read blogs.  A few people have been bold enough to say that Pinterest is killing design blogs.  But the content  has to come from somewhere, right?

I admit, there are a few times I have scanned through design blogs that I read and itALL blurs into one, then moments later I see the pictures on Pinterest and I think, OH Thats a good idea! There is something about being distracted about the words,  that leads to the brilliance of the simplicity of Pinterest.

* The content on Pinterest is from design blogs
* This makes blogs have to spend more time on making cute buttons and title pictures than the actual projects.
* I often will click on a Pin which leads me to a post telling me about something they found on pinterest.
This bugs me.  Pin the original content.  Its just nice.
* The pressure to have not only the best projects but also the best media is upping the ante on blogs.
* Pinterest is great for driving traffic to your blog.
So, NO I do not think pinterest will kill design blogs, but I think it will put pressure on everyone to be better and do more. Which will in turn kill some design blogs.  
I think that the casual blog reader will no longer be loyal to so many blogs.  They will become more selective of the blogs that they read multiple times a week.  Save those for the more content based posts, and pick up the highlights and best of’s for projects, home ideas, and tips for kids on pinterest.

I wonder what your opinions are. Do you read blogs? Do you check out pinterest? Do you actually use the things that inspire you to pin?


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