Interior Design To Go – Ask A Designer

I want to change the look of my home, I know what things I like when I see pictures, but have no idea how to get that in my house.  I don’t really want to purchase an entire living room, but would rather refresh what I have and buy new pieces here and there.  Can a designer help me?  Do they do that kind of thing?  Help!
The best thing to come with blogs and design blogs is that you can see the sense of style a designer has before you hire them.  First, find a few blogs or websites that have the look you are aiming for.  A lot of designers offer email consultations.  If the designer you are looking for doesn’t offer the services you want, they can probably recommend you to someone that can.  
Services range from floor plan arrangement, paint, floor and material selection, and finishing touches.  Best of all, designers may have creative solutions to tricky issues and can offer you MANY different options for an affordable solution.  WIN WIN!
I am now offering FREE design questions.  
If you can email me a question, with a picture if needed, I will answer it for you.  Send me your hardest battles.  I can even enlist the help of some fellow designers of you are looking for a few options.
Here are some previous design questions I have answered.

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