Advent Round Up

I have seen so many different advent calenders over the years.  Call me lazy, but I never really get around to doing them.  I am thinking of typing up some ideas on paper and then reprinting every year.  That way I can be lazy and start traditions all at the same time!  Here are some creative and beautiful ideas that are inspiring me right now.


I love the idea of wrapping Christmas books to read each night.


I love that this advent doubles as holiday decor and is functional at the same time.  LOVE it.

I like the ornament idea as well, maybe instead of NEW ornaments (thereby requiring the forsight to buy new ones each year at full price) but choosing 25 special ornaments to reuse each year.
from Pottery Barn
I love the simplicity of this one.  I wouldn’t do the twine, just the bags.
What would you do for an advent calender?  

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