Delta Faucet Review

It seems like the bathroom is the last place you really hear of new technology coming out, am I right?  We have all seen the amazing new touch technology ads for the Delta kitchen faucet, but did you know they came out with one for the bathroom lavatory faucet?  Enter the Delta Lahara Single Handle Faucet.  
Why I love this faucet:
*   It is WAY prettier than what I had in the half bath before
* Jett can reach it and operate it, allowing a LOT more independence
*  It stays cleaner because no dirty or soapy hands are touching it.  Less wiping = happy me.
*   Less mess with dripping water all over.  Less cleaning = happy me.
*  Our old faucet would spray so hard that it would hit the sink, and spray right into your lap.  It was awkward.  This faucet fixed that issue.  No wet pants = happy me.
*  Added bonus – it saves water!
How the Touch2o technology works.  You can use the faucet like a regular faucet.  It also works like a touch lamp from the 80’s.  If you leave the water on, you can touch any part of the faucet and it will turn off.  You can then just touch it off and on, as long as the handle is up on the faucet.  This also allows you to keep the water at a consistent temperature, avoiding your kids getting too hot or too cold of water.

My husband deemed it too tech-y to install himself, which I found disappointing.  I think it was harder than most to install only because we have a pedestal sink and there isn’t a lot of room to work.  My husband is pretty handy, but he has yet to ever install faucets of any kind in our houses.  If yours has done this before, it wouldn’t be a problem.  I promise.
What simple changes have you made that make your life easier? 

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