What Will They Think Of Next? #review

Not only are these ear phones amazing quality, they are pretty with their Swarovski crystals. It’s like earrings and earphones in one! I used the earphones for the first time they sounded great but what surprised me the most is that they didn’t hurt my ears after 20 minutes.  They are light and small, but the sound quality is amazing.  They came with 6 sets of silicone covers so you can choose the size and color that works the best for you.
I just used these earphones with my iphone, and they have a mic on them as well, so they work hands free.  This is an awesome added bonus I wasn’t expecting.  There is also a button that will answer and hang up your phone.  I think this is a pretty genius idea, seeing as how you have to have hands free in your car.  Where it is really cold here, if you have gloves on you cant swipe a smart phone with gloves on, and this allows you to keep your phone in your pocket while still using it.  BONUS!
I think these earphones are spectacular, and I am going to get a pair for my brother (who thankfully does not read my blog).  
If you would like to order a pair, Bassbuds is generously offering my readers a $30 discount code. To purchase go to BassBuds and use promo code BB75249.


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