Secrets and Scandals

We all have secrets.  Maybe secret is too strong of a word.  Things we would rather not discuss in public?  I find these things I have to get off my chest, and my friends who live out of state (and country) are the best people to share these with because they don’t know my neighbors, my siblings, my grandma, etc.  I don’t have to worry about them blabbing because nobody the talk to daily knows me!  
And what are blog friends if not real friends who don’t know all the same people?
So for Moody Monday, I am going to start a secret sharing aspect.  For Mondays ONLY, you can leave anonymous comments here.  Not just any comments, but the ones you would not write if you knew that someone would find out it is you.  
Do you secretly hate someone?  Do you hate to brush your teeth?  Think your sister married the wrong man?  Tell us!  Your secret is safe with us.  This is the Vault.  It stays here.  I promise.
And tell your friends, because sharing is caring right?
I will be sure to leave some too, I promise.


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