Design Question – Should Baseboard Always Be Painted Light?


I am finishing the development of my basement and want to paint the walls a very light color. I painted the door a deep red/brown. Should a paint the trim and baseboards a dark grey/brown to go with the doors? Will this make the space seem smaller and look like a dark band running around the room? The space is already small with low ceilings.

painting door trim
In general, dark trim over white doors tends to accent the trim more so than the other furnishings in the room. This is not what you want to be your focal point.
What I would suggest would be to paint the baseboards and trim a light color, while leaving the interior doors painted a darker color.  This allows the basement to still remain bright but also allow you to have some contrast.

Readers (hey Mom!) what do you think?  Would you paint your doors in your house black or dark grey?


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