TV Shows Continued – Where I Mock My Own Taste

I mentioned the new shows starting this fall, and I listed all these shows that had such great promise.  

Here is where I stand on them now:  

  • 666 Park Avenue- I recorded all the shows, watched the first half of the pilot and just felt MEH.  They are trying to hard to be freaky, I’m just not in the mood.
  • Ben and Kate – a little too quirky?  Again, just can’t get into it.
  • Emily Owens, M.D. –  Amazingly funny.  A great medical related show but well worth my kid-free attention.  Like a better Scrubs.
  • The Mindy Project – I love Mindy Kaling, loved her in the office, loved her funny book,   I think I just can’t relate to this character.  She seems unbelievable that someone that age would be that unorganized and NOT put together.  She seems a little too ditzy?  Almost like they made Kelly Kapour into a doctor.  She just isn’t different enough for me.  This and New Girl for me, just not so great,
  • Guys With Kids- this is good.  Not must stay home to watch live good, but decent.  Funny, but not my absolute favorite.  My brother and sister in law, however, LOVE this show, so maybe I just feel not in the mood for these type of shows ALL.  THE.  TIME.

Shows that are AMAZING and I can’t get enough of?  

How the freak did I not know about them sooner?  

  • Partners – Funny, smart, and the characters are awesome.  I like every single actor.  Best show.
  • Mob Boss – I feel like its my new drama.  Replacing Grey’s as my favorite, since that is going a bit downhill this season.
  • The New Normal 
  • Scandal (this one isn’t new to the fall, but I still love it, and its somewhat new still)

Have you ever been wrong before?  I never have… What am I missing?  Am I the only person out there that loves to talk about tv?  I know I can’t be the only one.


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