Gift Idea for Expecting Mothers

Before I had children, I found the topic of breastfeeding in public extremely awkward. I didn’t really care if people did this in public, but it was uncomfortable when people didn’t use a blanket. I won’t go into the whole debate of things, but suffice to say, when I was pregnant the nursing cover concept was just coming out. Enter Udder Covers. The most genius idea ever. You can feed your child as you please and remain comfortable with your baby. I love that instead of a blanket it stays in place and doesn’t fall down.

For any expecting moms out there you may be shopping for, they also carry a gift set which includes a nursing cover, washable nursing pads, and a bracelet to wear to keep track of those middle of the night feedings.

Also, if you like their facebook page, they often have really great promotions for their products and well as some from and


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