Playskool Sesame Street’s LOL Elmo

Oh Elmo.  Am I the only one that still is in shock about the whole tickle me Elmo craze at Christmas years and years ago?  While as much as I don’t understand it, my kids totally get it.  Presents arrived early to our house this year, and we got the chance to try out the new LOL Elmo from Hasbro. 

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My one year old twin boys got first dibs with him.  They were instantly intrigued by the noises and actions.  Elmo gets laughing so hard he shakes and rolls!  When their older brother got home, he had Elmo all figured out.  He loves to squeeze his foot to make him laugh and tell jokes, as well as squeak the oh so lovely squeaky Dorothy fishbowl toy to make Elmo laugh too.  Elmo tells jokes, which I also hear repeated all day. Who knew he was so funny?

I love the LOL elmo because my kids love him.  Simple as that, and who doesn’t love some entertained kids.  Do you?  There might be one making his way to your house, if your lucky!

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