TIMBER! Rather TMBR–bamboo iphone 4 case review


You know, as in Timber!…. the lumberjacks version of the golfers FORE!
But you can be way more stylish and trendy than either a golfer or a lumberjack  with the new wood phone cases.
I just got the bamboo case from Tmbr and not only is it pretty, its the best quality of case I have ever used.  The wood is light weight but durable.  I allow (begrudingly) my 3.5 year old son to play games on my phone, but with that I cringe when he drops it ALL. THE. TIME.  This iphone case never cracked!  It fits really snug on the phone, and there is a felt piece on the inside that protects the back of your phone when you slide it into the case.

(excuse the filthy screen.  This is REAL life)
Another aspect that I REALLY appreciated on the tmbr case vs the otterbox case I had before, is that I don’t need to open any flaps that cover the earphone or power ports.  You never need to remove the case, which protects it even more.
Its funny because this is the one phone product that my husband wanted.  Unfortunately he has a black berry, but I hope that Tmbr comes out with other sizes for an ipad or ipod touch.  Actually I see now that they DO have an ipad case.  Well, put that on my Holiday Gift Guide too.  I love it.
The Tmbr Company Is Awesome:
When you wear something you are making a statement about who you are and what you represent. We want the statement you make to be unique. We want people to see you as the pioneer, trailblazer and the one of a kind person that you truly are. When you choose a pair of sunglasses, we see that choice as making a statement to the world without ever having to say a word. Tmbr is that statement.
Our tmbr cases are constructed with the highest quality bamboo, rosewood, cherry wood, and zebra wood to offer extreme protection. Cases are made for a snug fit, with easy access to the audio and charging ports so you don’t have to take the case off just to plug in. Each case is made from one single piece of wood that is cut ¾ down so that the pieces come together over the top and bottom of the phone. Our cases are made with the same quality and attention to detail that we give all our products.