Printstagram – The Best Way To Print Instagram Photos

Ever since I was inspired by this Apartment Therapy photo:


I have wanted to print out my instagram photos into a large frame.  I don’t have quite the amount of wall space available as in this room, but one day, I WILL!

photo (1)

Instagram is the greatest thing to hit my phone.  When my phone takes really dark photos, Instagram can fix that.  My iphone 4s actually takes better pictures than my canon powershot camera, and the phone is always with me, so it is my go to device to document my life.

I found this really amazing product / company called Printstagram that will print your instagram pictures individually as well as poster prints, books, etc.

I ordered a mini book.  For $12 you get two copies of the same book, which includes 50 photos back to back.  The process is SO easy, you just type in your account information for Instagram, it brings up all your photos, and you select which ones you would like to print.  That’s it.  Its simple and really affordable.   The mini book’s photos are about the same size as your phone screen, so its fairly easy to see, not too tiny


I had my book sitting on the table, and my kids babysitter saw it and LOVED it.  She is planning on ordering them for presents for her friends, because each one works out to $6 each.  I think these are fun to make, and its great to get your photos off your phone.

*I did get to order a book at no charge, but I wrote about the book because I love it and am planning on ordering other gifts for family and friends from the company.  Friends – pretend you never saw this post.