Coffee Table Transformation – Junkyard Furniture Makeover

airdrie showhomes 035

This sad coffee table was left behind by some tenants in an apartment downtown.  It was saved from the dumpster by me, who took it home, left it upside down in my back yard (notice my yellow grass) where I then forgot about it.  It sat uncovered in the rain, sun, sprinklers, etc. for a few summer weeks until I got the motivation to figure out my new electric sander.  It smelled a bit like cedar, and made me want to jump into a sauna!
summer fun 047
After sanding this baby down until my hands felt numb, I took a few left over paint cans, mixed them together, and slapped on some paint.  I was fearless in this project because I got the table for free.  I figured the only thing I had invested into it was time, so worst case scenario I could junk the table or just paint it again.  
I also took a tiny kids craft brush to get into the grooves between the planks.  I sanded it a bit on the edges (it doesn’t really show up on this photo) and then did a coat of urethane. TADA.  It then made the massive move into my living room.  
Doesn’t my living room look so lovely and staged?  Notice the baby swing, play mat, and haphazardly placed pillows?  I was honestly happy with how few toys there were in this room.  With 3 kids, 2 being under a year, this room looks like a preschool at the best of times.
Glamorous, as always, and keeping it real.