Moody Monday – Things I Suck At

This Weeks Moody Monday-  Things I suck At:

Committing to being somewhere at a specific time.  I blame my kids.
Cleaning dishes.  Unloading the dishwasher, no problem.
Running.  If running for my life from a bear I would just lay down and pray “MAKE IT FAST!”
Remembering to wear makeup.
Putting away clutter.  I have organized piles.  This is also why I hate having people at my house.  They might mess with my piles. and I know where all my crap is!
Team sports – I am just not that competitive.  If nobody cared if someone was good, or wanted to win, I will play.  I just lack the motivation to WIN I just want to have a good time.  I am more of a Yoga, Dance, individual success athletic person.
Painting My Own Nails
Spending Money.  It makes me nauseous.
Listening to my voicemail.  I unhooked it from my house phone, that way I don’t have to feel pressure to return the calls.


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