The Unlikely Gift of Treasure Blume – Book Review

The Unlikely Gift of Treasure Blumeis a great story about the other side of the mean girls.    Every teenage and tween girl needs to read this book.  

Treasure Blume has a unique gift.  People hate her.  She says what comes to her mind, and people who meet her can’t stand her.  She believes it to be a curse, but is always told that its a gift.  This inherited trait is said to be a blessing because the people who truly get to know her she can trust and rely on, and like her for who she is.  Treasure grows up and has to learn to cope with life, finding a job, making friends, teaching her class, working with her students parents, all difficult tasks with Treasure’s unique gift.

I love the way that the author tells the story.  You are immediately drawn to Treasure before learning about all of her quirks.  You are automatically cheering for the underdog when you cringe while reading that she wears granny sweaters and hello kitty hair clips.

Treasure has the best intentions at heart, and she is a real girl that you wish you could be best friends with.    

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