Not So Mellow Yellow–How to Add Some Color To Your Kitchen

A reader found this adorable bright yellow toaster, but instead of forking out the $200 to buy it, she painted one herself. 

For about $10 she bought a can of yellow engine enamel high heat spray paint.  I asked if she had any tips and tricks, and she had this to say:
Yellow Toaster Tutorialhow to paint a toaster yellow
”My paint job is far from perfect but I am lazy and using my 7-year-old wedding toaster as a test run so I don’t ruin a new toaster if it doesn’t wear well.  I masked it quickly off with my frog tape and gave it a quick scuff with red brite. I then got to spraying. She is definitely a pop of sheer beauty in the kitchen.”
Have you ever made a bold color choice in your home?  What colors are you loving lately?  I really want to paint something yellow now….

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