How To Work Around Off Centered Windows

Lisa sent out a distress call wanting to know what to do with two off-centered windows.  Its hard, because the windows are placed where they are so that the house looks right from the outside.  I don’t mind the windows being off center, but the one being so close to the wall makes it really hard to work around.

photo 1
This is the photo I had to work with.
The first thought that came to my mind would be to put roman shades in.  They add color and warmth with the fabric.  I just wasn’t sure if the home owners would want to remove the wooden blinds.  An option would be to add mock romans that don’t function but could be inside mounted more for looks.
window treatments
Another option would be to add cornice boards (also known as pelmets or valences) above the windows.  You can easily make these yourself or hire someone to upholster them for you.  Again, a great way to add some color and pattern to the space.
I would off set the windows with a picture or mirror on the left side.  I don’t know how the room is layed out (whats on the other walls) but a diy baby mobile would also work in this space as well.
I would love your opinions.  Do you like these options?  What would you do instead?

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