Secret of the Wings {Real Sisterhood}

Disney Movie Tinkerbell
I recently recieved a copy of Tinker Bell: Secret Of The Wings.  Its a new DVD from Disney that was filed in 3D (a first for Disney).  Its a bright, colorful, and sparkly movie where Tinkerbell finds her sister!  Not having a sister, I loved all things girly and they were all mine.  I love this movie and would have loved it as a kid.  My 3.5 year old son liked it as well, so I think it would be great for kids aged 2-8 ish.  
I think its interesting that the producers sought out a twin-study expert.  They heard amazing stories about long lost twins reunited, which helped develop the story for the film.
Who doesn’t dream of having a long lost twin sister as a child?  I know I did.