My Television Debut – Marilyn Denis Meets The Bloggers

I got the chance to do a 30 second clip about my blog…
You can catch the entire episode HERE and see my mini interview about my blog HERE.
Blissdom Canada 183Blissdom Canada 184
My new blog friends, outside waiting anxiously to get into the show.  I wanted to shmooze the audience guy so that I could get into the front row, but he ended up sitting me in a ‘special’ seat.
Blissdom Canada 185Blissdom Canada 188Blissdom Canada 189
My New BBFF Julie and I took each others photos before the show.  This would be the only time she actually got to sit in her seat because she was chosen for the LIVE MAKEOVER!Blissdom Canada 197
I got to take a picture with Marilyn after the show.  I told her I grew up watching her on City Line and I am really happy that she has a new show.  She said she loved me and then hugged my head!Blissdom Canada 195
It was such an amazing experience, and it was so great to be there.  Marilyn – you are the best!