Book Review – The Guy Next Door by Kate Palmer

If you are looking for a great book to read, than you need to check out The Guy Next Door by Kate Palmer.

Author: Kate Palmer
Release Date: September 2012
Publisher: Covenant Communications
Genre: Mystery/Romantic Suspense

Book Description:

On the surface, Eva Black’s life seems practically perfect. The small-town kindergarten teacher is set to wed ambitious lawyer Sean Langley, and their plans for a dream wedding are well underway. Eva accepts that she will soon live life in the spotlight as a member of the prestigious Langley family, but can she overlook her fiancé’s tendency to dominate the details of her life and push the limits of her standards?

Mere weeks before the wedding, Eva is thrown into a traumatic, life-changing event that changes her view of family commitment and creates a sharp contrast between her ideals and Sean’s. With her engagement to Sean in jeopardy, Eva finds herself relying on the support and encouragement of Peter, her kind and attentive next-door neighbor. Faced with a choice between her penitent fiancé and the increasingly mysterious Peter, Eva is unprepared for the consequences—and peril—that come with her decision.

My Thoughts:

I found this book to be a pleasant surprise. I liked the book from the description on the back, and I really liked the way this novel played out. I was assuming it was a romantic novel, but the mystery aspect was an added bonus. That doesn’t happen very often. I found the choices that Eva makes as time progresses to be very logical and easy to relate to when a person faces the trials she is up against in life. Eva’s struggles with her feeling for her fiance. She likes that he takes charge, and makes decisions, which is less stressful for her, but she also looses her opinions. Sean is a bit of a perfectionist, coordinating outfits, choosing the china, etc. I didn’t find him to be all that sympathetic about a woman planning her wedding without her mother by her side. He seems caught up more in the appearances of things. I found the author to be good at explaining her thoughts in a realistic way. I love how she describes her thoughts, and you can relate to Eva’s character right away. She is a character you want to cheer for.

This is a great book that I would recommend to any teen or adult. If it were a movie it would be rated PG.

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