Driver Safety In School Zones

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Do you walk or drive your kids to school?  Do you ever worry about how likely it is for your kids to get to school safely?  

Insurance Hunter’s survey on driver safety in school zones polled 759 Ontario and 589 Alberta parents who have children that are between four and 14 years, attend public or private school, and walk or drive to school.  The results of the Ontario School Zone Safety Survey are in and I am shocked at the results.

Did you know that:

74% of parents witnessed other drivers speeding in the school zone.

68% report witnessing drivers talking on the phone or texting while in a school zone.  

38% have never recieved information about childrens drop off and pick up safety procedures while another 25% say their school does not have a designated place to drop off and pick up kids.

Many parents whose children’s schools do have designated drop off zones list their schools as unsafe, difficult to access, and poorly designed.

I know when I am driving past my local ocmmunity elemantary school, I worry that with all of the parked cars on the side of the road and the busy amounts of traffic that I won’t see a child running out between the parked cars and crossing the streets.

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