Argan Oil from Cleopatra’s Choice – Product Review

Does your hair get really dry when you flat iron and straighten it?  Mine looks great but the ends are REALLY dry.  I use Moroccan oil, which I see everywhere, as well as Argan Oil.  I saw some pure Argan Oil and found you can use it as a lotion or deep conditioner as well.  I found it to work really well on my elephant skin elbows.  I could literally slather those puppies all day long with lotion and they still feel like sandpaper.  Please tell me I am not the only one.  Good thing the elbows are not a place most people brush up against, but still.  I also used it on the hair, but didn’t notice a huge change as a deep conditioner.  It was great as an after straightening product, it didn’t leave my hair to greasy or shiny, just smooth and health looking.

I highly recommend the acutal oil, and I recieved mine from Cleopatra’s Choice, which also has the best prices I have seen around.

What other hair products do I need to know about?