Letting Children Use Your Cellphones – a Cautionary Tale

Do you let your children use your cellphone?

Having children has made me learn to sacrifice a few things. From my bath times, snack food,  quiet drives singing in the car, and my sanity, a few things have been lost on my end.  The saddest thing of all was my cell phone. When I got it I swore I would never let it be a glorified game boy.  Smart phones are expensive.  There was no way my three year old was getting his hands on it.

Then came my high risk pregnancy. I had ultrasounds every two weeks. I had blood tests, family doctor appointments, specialist appointments; at least 2 appointments a week on top of being so sick I was in and out of the hospital for IV’s.  It was a lovely time where I was also trying to spoil said three year old knowing it was our last one on one time.  He came with me to every appointment, and guess what?  The gameboy cellphone became his entertainment.  I had reading apps, games, Dora episodes, you name it, its on there. 

Until one day, he dropped it and the speakers stopped working.  Then the iphone was lost.  I was very sad for both of us.  So when I replaced my phone I asked for a really durable case (I got an otterbox case from Meritline, which is really durable so hopefully will withstand my three year old for years to come) and downloaded an app to help me find my phone. 

Hopefully I will never be away from my dear friend any more.

What is the one thing you find yourself doing that you swore you would never do as a parent?