Shopping For a Family Vehicle

When I went into labor at 29 weeks with my twins I put my entire life on hold and focused on all 3 of my kids. Including making sure all my car seats would fit. Luckily I had almost 3 months before they came home from nicu. I had time to get the nursery ready, car seats bought, etc. I didn’t have time to sell my car and mini van shop.

I managed to squish the 3 seats across in my SuV but due to safety and anchors the big kid had to go in the middle with a baby on each side. While he could help keep the babies happy, he had to crawl under their
rear facing bucket seats to get into his booster. It technically worked, but getting in and out was painfully slow.

My babies are just getting big enough to move into a regular cat seat, but still rear facing until their birthdays. I can’t fit 3 car seats across in the bench. Enter crisis mode for car shopping.

I learned its wise to being the car seats with you while car shopping.  

I decided to go for the dodge caravan for a few reasons:

 It’s never going to be cool, it’s a mini van.

It has the great storage and safety features. Stow and go will save my road trips and allow me to shop more!

I got a great deal, I think I got he best in terms of bang for your buck.

It has a DVD player, and I telling myself that it won’t be on every time we are in the car. Just like the iPad is just for me, not a toy for the kids. (Yeah, that lasted all of a week).

While I don’t think a mini van is all that exciting, being able to get around and getting packed up faster is exciting enough to make me squeal and want to sing a fun song really loud in all the glory that will be my life in a few weeks.

As soon as I sell my SUV. Does anyone want it?  I’ll even include the crushed up cherios and left over McDonald’s fries. Your welcome.