Squoosh –Healthy Snack Food for Kids

There is only a 3 year age gap between my children, but it still amazes me when there are new products out that weren’t available for my first. Either that or I wasn’t aware of their existence. The baby gourmet food that I have seen at Walmart is perfect for traveling or taking in my diaper bag because I don’t have to pack a spoon. I have seen older children just sucking it out themselves. This is such a genius idea.

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Well there is now a Kids Gourmet product called Squoosh. They have the same concept but for school aged kids. Its healthy, and easy to use. Squoosh is all organic, a full serving of fruit and vegatables, no added sugars, salts, artificial coloring, gluten-free and nut-free. Basically the best thing you could be giving to your kid for a snack.

Four flavors are available in Canada:
• BeetBerry – banana, apple, beet, blueberry
• OrangoBango – mango, carrot, banana, apple
• SquabbleBerry – apple, blueberry, squash, banana
• Banango – banana, mango, apple, squash

I was really curious to see if my sons would eat it.  He is occasionally a picky eater, but then he will surprise me.  I asked him if he wanted the mango flavor, he jumped all over it.  He was able to eat it on his own (hello, he is 3, but I didn’t know for sure since he has never had anything like it before) and he enjoyed it.  I think he liked being able to squeeze the bottle himself.  He called it his fruit snack.

Kids Gourmet was kind enough to offer readers of Creating Comfort a box of 4, the flavor of their choice. a Rafflecopter giveaway