#Project Life – Scrapbooking Made Easy

I have a problem with scrapbooking.  I can appreciate it, but hate how much time, effort, storage space, and money it takes.  I have started printing out family books with a few different sites, but sometimes I wish I had something I could add too over time, rather than one huge project every year.  I have found an AMAZING company that gives me the best of both worlds.

Enter Project Life.

You can have printed photos, but literally everything you need (minus the pictures) is in the box.  Embellishments, writing space, etc.

There are a few sets in different colors and themes, so you can choose whatever you would like!  You can also have one book you add to over time, so when your child graduates from school they don’t have 20+ books they have to haul around, just a few.

This week the new Childhood Mini kits, perfect for recording kids’ school years, are available online!