Baby Name Stealing – Moody Monday

Choosing a unique baby name:

I used to hear moms whine that people stole their baby names. I would hear their stories and reply, that sucks, but inside I am thinking, “well that is a pretty common name. I can think of 15-20 other kids born this year that have it.” I always wanted unique names for my kids. I love hearing uncommon (to some people strange) names and always think, that is so a name I would like to have.

Fast forward to 5+ years. I had a son who I named a very unique slash strange name. I knew it would be a ‘cool’ name and not a stuffy or proper name. Then when he was 3.5 two acquaintances stole my name in the same month! It’s uncommon enough that it bugs me. I gave him that name so he would be the only one. Now I know 2 other people is not that big of a deal, but it still bugs me. They likely will not ever go to the same school, but it still drives me crazy. Mostly because I know they copied me. Yes, mimicry is the sincerest firm of flattery, but really? Whenever I see these people or read their facebook updates it drives me bonkers.

I confided it a friend how much it bugged me and she responded with a lame “well you obviously had it first!”. Yes, so not my concern. I am not wanting to be a trend setter here. I want to be unique or at least set apart in my awesome name selecting skills. My husbands response is that “you don’t own a name, who cares?” This is also from a man named one of the top ten most popular name for dozens of years. I myself have met very few people with my name. Its not weird, its just uncommon.

Second hand names available for free: new, unused (by me):

Eero (my sadly left behind twin names)

Has anyone stole your baby names? Have you stolen someone else’s baby names? What names did you love and not use?