Private School Expo – Calgary #OKSchoolMem

I remember graduating from elementary into junior high.   At 12 I was nervous about the whole changing classes, and moving around by myself.  I thought I would get lost, so I printed out the school map and my schedule, and before each class I would try to memorize my route to the next class.  It didn’t take an entire day to figure out the whole system, but all summer long I was agonizing about getting lost and not being able to find my class.  

I love that in University I got to choose the classes that really interested me, and I was surrounded by fellow students who totally got my groove, and understood where I was coming from.  I loved finding teachers that taught the way that I liked to learn (reading is for fun, theatrical demonstrations and personal anecdotes, along with visuals means that I will never forget that lesson).

How do you enjoy learning?

If you are interested in looking at private schools for your child, in Calgary, or in other cities across Canada, I am participating in a blog hop, and you are welcome to check out the Private School Expo in your city.

Looking for a Private School for your child?

Don’t miss Canada’s most successful, best-attended Private School Expos.  They’re the easiest way to learn about private and independent schools.

  • Meet the leading private and independent schools and speak with current students and parents
  • Learn how to find the right private school for your child and explore different types of schools, educational philosophies and special programs
  • Find out about the admissions process, when to apply and what schools look for
  • Understand how to budget and receive information about scholarships, bursaries and tax credits

Montreal, SEPTEMBER 16

Calgary, SEPTEMBER 30

Halton-Peel, OCTOBER 14

Toronto, OCTOBER 20

Vancouver, NOVEMBER 11

Click here to register and receive free admission for a family of 4.

I’m participating in the Our Kids Private School Expo Blog Hop.  Yesterday’s School Memories post  can be found at Perspectives.  Monday, the fun is happening at Bits N Bites With Tina.

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