New Shows I Can’t Wait To Watch

I love TV.  Sometimes its the only ME time I can get, and I love to sit down with my husband after the kids are in bed and watch some new shows.  I also have some long standing favorites I watch with my mom and friends.  Here is what I can’t wait to see this month:

666 Park Avenue(ABC)
Sunday, Sept. 30 at 10/9c
This show claims to be a mix of Lost with Desperate Housewives.  A few stars from some past favorite shows, Lock from Lost, Justin from Brothers & Sisters, Renee from Desperate Housewives, it I am in it for the cast.  Its about an Upper East Side apartment building where the residents all made deals with The Devil to have their wildest desires and dreams come true.  HMM… could be crazy, could be good.

Ben and Kate (Fox)
Tuesday, Sept. 25 at 8:30/7:30c
Kate, a single mom / waitress / sister to Ben, who moves back and helps her raise her daughter.   I love a show about quirky family dynamics.

Emily Owens, M.D.
Premieres: Tuesday, Oct. 16 at 9/8c
I am watching this show based soley on the fact that I loved Mamie Gummer on Off the Map.  SHe is Meryls Streeps daughter as well, so hello star power.  She plays an akward medical student who finds hospital life just like high school.  This may take over for Grey’s for me, but hope its better than Scrubs.

The Mindy Project
Tuesday Sept 25, 9:30/8:30

I love Mindy Kaling in the office, even more so since reading her book.  I think she is smart and funny, which is a great combination in my mind.  This is on the list regardless.  Mindy produces and stars in this show about a single woman who is very successful in her career, but not in her love life.

Guys With Kids (NBC)
Premieres: Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 8:30/7:30c

3 guys live in the same apartment complex, all with kids.  Some married, some not.  I think any time you have a show about dads and kids, its bound to be halarious.  Jamie Lynn Sigler is playing a wife, and I think she is funny.

Other shows I may be interested in include The Mob Doctor, Partners, Vegas, and Elementary.