Hyatt’s ‘For Kids By Kids’ Childrens Menu

This week we got the chance to go swimming in the beautiful Hyatt Regency Hotel in Calgary.  Jett just finished swimming lessons so he was quite thrilled to show off his skills.


The pool is on the 18th floor, so it was amazing to sit in the hot tub and see the planes taking off, the Calgary Tower, and all the ‘tall tall towers!”

Each of the kids got their own adorable robes to wear so that we could eat lunch all dry.

The chef is explaining the food we got to try.  I learned about sun butter, which is like peanut butter only made of sunflower seeds.  It tasted really yummy and is great for kids who have allergies to nuts. 

A great idea for a kids meal is the salad that the kids can pour the dressing into, twist the lid, and shake up.  My son actually ate excitedly the carrots, celery, and WHITE milk.  The Hyatt no longer provides free refills on pop, but does give free refills on milk.


The kids meals are tested and approved by kids, including Haile Thomas, an 11 year old with her own healthy cooking show, as well as my son and all the kids with us that day.

The entire chain is not only incorporating healthy options, they are also using cage-free eggs, all-natural meats, sustainable seafood and organic yogurt.

Besides being healthy, and responsible, they are also priced well.  The kids menu items were all about $6.  It would have never entered my mind to stop in just to eat at the Hyatt, but now I think we will have to make it a destination as a family.