Girl Just Wanna Have Fun – A Favorite Things Party!

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I mentioned earlier how terrified I am of hosting parties.

I recieved mascara from Merry, essie nail polish (which I have been dying to try), luminous mascara, a zester, and blue dryer balls.  Other gifts included hot yoga passes, autographed Robert Munsch books, dvd’s, hair products, room scent plug ins, natural cleaning supplies, self tanning lotion, beach bags, olive oil spritzer (to be used instead of PAM), a book, purdy’s chocolates, and so much more.  It was truly amazing. I left writing down brands of things I had to go out and try!

I am thinking of trying out a ton of mascaras and comparing them.  I have liked a few, hated a ton, and never found one that I would re-buy again.  I am on a search for the perfect mascara and I will report in when I find it.

In order to introduce some other favorite items, and things I LOVE, I had some surprise gifts for everyone.  Prizes included:

Beautiful Prints from The Sweet Potato Shop
Rosette hair clips, headbands, and bracelets from Coco Rose Couture