First Dentist Appointment – Calgary Childrens Dentist

Jett had his very first dentist appointment this week.  Like everything that is a new experience, I talked about it before hand so he would know what to expect.  I explained that the dentist was going to tickle his teeth like mommy does, and use his tools to count his teeth.  Then he would get a present.  That perked him right up.  A present?  Whose birthday is it?  
selling 001
Erica explained to Jett all the cool things that happen in a dentists office.  He got to ride on the chair, up and down, put on the cool sunglasses and cape, and skirt some water in the air.
selling 002
She explained the tools, let him choose his flavors of tooth paste, and explained “Mr. Slurpee”.  For a second he thought it was a drink slurpee, but then realizes this fun tool could suck his spit and Erica’s hair! She didn’t LOVE this but he sure did.
selling 003
Jett was thrilled to get a tooth brush, flossers, a sticker and a prize. When the dentist confirmed him cavity free, he got another prize!  He was so excited, he carried his little ‘treat bag’ with him for days.  He also showed everyone his teeth, telling them about the dentist.
My dentist is amazing, I like that he is pretty conservative, not up-selling you. and mindful that its scary for some people.  I trust him, and recommend him to anyone who is antsy about going to the dentist.  Plus his staff is amazing, I laugh and chat the entire time I am there.
You can find Dr. Spackman by the Glenmore Inn, and his number is 403-236-2020.
He doesn’t know I am giving you his information, I just think he is really nice and was AMAZED at how they treated my son, especially Erica.