Conference Season – Why and How? #sccto

ShesConnected Conference 2012I'm Goin', Eh.

This year I am attending my very first blog conference.  I feel a bit geeky saying that, or even that I have to justify making this a full time career to attend.  Blogging allows me to work with great people, share products I love, and share great local (Calgary) and international companies that I think are amazing.

This year, there are two conferences on the same weekend in Toronto.  I am hoping to attend both of them.  I would love the chance to meet contacts at some companies I have already worked with and connect with  some new companies.  I also have a few blog friends I would LOVE to meet in real life.

What would a blog conference do for you?  Are you a company who needs to reach more people?  Could benefit from this and not attending?  I could be your eyes and ears and this conference and help in the promotion to hundreds of bloggers and conference attendees.

What can I do for you?  I can feature a guest post about your company, put your logo on my business cards, promote via social media during the conference, wear clothing, you could even put a sticker on my laptop and iphone (we know those will be out and visible the majority of the time).  I would also be willing to write posts, tweet, add buttons / logos to my blog, or feature you in my summary post upon my return.  Its really up to you, and the sponsorship amount.

More people use the internet for their news, promotion and socializing so a great way to get your brand out there is through bloggers.

There are a few expenses involved, such as flights – $500, Hotel – $300, Conference ticket – $100.  Any help would be wonderful, so feel free to contact me to discuss in further detail.