Back to School Shopping

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Jett is going to school this year, and while he doesn’t need to purchase any school supplies, he does need a new pair of shoes (which we shopped for the other night), a backpack, and every item he owns labelled to death.  I was pretty excited when I found Mabel’s Labels back to school combo pack

The pack comes with mini labels that are dishwasher and microwave save, so you can label lunch things, water bottles, etc. There are shoe labels and tags for the zippers on coats and backpacks.
They have shoe labels that wont rip or get mucky (or messsy, if you know what I mean).  I debated getting the preschool shoe labels because they have one image cut in half (think like a puzzle with only 2 pieces) so your kids can learn which shoe goes on which foot. 

I am excited that my one back to school task is done!  What is your least favorite back to school to-do?


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