Tigers In Red Weather – Book Review

Tigers In Red Weather – By Liza Klaussmann

About The Book:

Nick and her cousin, Helena, grew up in a world of sun-bleached boat docks, tennis whites, and midnight gin parties at Tiger House, the family home on Martha’s Vineyard. In the wake of the Second World War, the two women are on the cusp of starting their ‘real’ lives: Helena is off to Hollywood and a new marriage, to the charismatic Avery Lewis, while Nick is heading for a reunion with her own husband, Hughes Derringer, about to return from the war. The world seems broken open and laid at their feet.

The gift soon begins to crack. Avery is not the man he seemed to be, and Hughes has grown distant, his inner light curtained over. On the brink of the 1960s, Nick and Helena-with their children, Daisy and Ed- try to recapture that earlier sense of possibility. But then Daisy and Ed discover something truly awful, and the dark thread of the family’s history slowly starts to unravel. The secrets and lies that each member thought best buried push unstoppably to the surface.
This is a unique and vey enjoyable book. I am torn as to how to describe it because I read the summary from the publisher and I think ‘yeah thats sort of how it goes’ but it truly is so much more. It is not a cheery book, but it isn’t exactly dark and gloomy either. If you are looking for a happy ending, move onto a different book. What I loved about this book is that it’s very true to life. It serves as a good reminder that no matter how happy a family seems, you never really know whats going on behing closed doors. Not even everyone in the house knows all of what is going on.

This story is told through the perspective of 5 different people, but in a way that is not confusing at all. In fact I feel it adds alot to the believability of the story. Each person recalls different details or inturrepts events in a vastly different manner. Again very true to life. 

There isn’t any big shocks are unexpected twists (at least not to me) but with every page turn the story grows and develops into a tangled web of lies and dissappointments and even some laughs too. It wasnt a ‘I cant put this book down’ read, but I did look forward to reading it every night.
I give it 3 1/2 stars.

Reviewed by Amanda