Why American Women Should Wear Burqa’s – Moody Monday

I grew up in an area with a lot of Eastern Indian families.  Seeing a man in a turban or a woman in a burqa, hijab, headscarf, etc. was a normal thing in our neighborhood.  I had no issues with this at all.  Regardless of religious affiliation, I have always felt it demeaning to require women to be covered, and not men.  I think the modesty issue, whether cultural or religious in nature, should be equal in terms of the sexes.

Fast forward 15 years.  I am home with a three year old and preemie twins.  Its January, nobody is going anywhere any time soon.  I have a volunteer group offer to come in and watch the babies so I can take Jett out for some one on one time.  Its a miracle.  Then, I am offered a subsidized child care / home help person. I am too proud to do that, I already have once a week help.  My home health nurse (a long story for another day, but lets just say she was there WAAAAAAAY to much) insisted I call this group to get some help around the house, and since I am not working, it would be free or dirt cheap.  Lady comes, takes our household income, so its not really cheap, but the lady will watch the kids and I can get some things done, or come to appointments, or whatever I need her to do.

The girl shows up at the door.  She is 18, just graduated from high school.  She is nice, plays with my kid, helps me clean and do laundry.  She comes back 2 weeks later.  My husband sometimes works from home, and happened to be there that morning.  In walks young chick wearing a very low cut, spaghetti strap tank top and skin tight yoga shorts.  I am finding it distracting (while I sit there in my sweats, hoping for the time to take a shower that day).  My husband comes out of the office and is chatty with The Girl.

Now, I am not worried or blaming my husband for anything, I just felt uncomfortable.  I look like garbage, I am the naggy wife who asks for the man to do all the man chores around the house, and in walks half naked barbie, who is happy and excited to help and laugh at his jokes.  There is no way I am letting that girl hang out at my house with my husband home.

This summer, neighbor girl is jumping on the tramp, right next to my fence, in her bikini.  We are sitting at the table eating dinner, and I think to myself, I wish the entire world’s population covered up.  I shocked myself with those thoughts.

As a mom, without a nanny or personal stylist, I just can’t look 100% all day every day.  Yes, I do dress up, and love my chances to do so, but I also love that from 8-11 every morning I can wear my yoga pants while I feed my kid his cheerios and babies their rice cereal.

Do you think I am over reacting?  How do you feel about the professionalism of peoples dress in the home?