Back to School Organization & Supplies

Are you getting ready for back to school?  This is my first year of having to prepare for School.  I love school, and when my babies are a bit older I plan on taking a class every year, just for fun.  I am nerdy like that.  I also buy a new planner every school year.  The simple ones are the easiest.  I like to see a week in full.  I have a calender on my phone, but something about writing it down makes me feel like its permanent and I can’t forget it (or accidentally erase it).

This paper notebook from Tiny Prints is one of my favorites.  Its cute and colorful, has weekly pages as well as monthly overview pages.  Its small enough to fit into your purse.  I think I am going to personalize mine with my name, rather than a picture.

You can also get allergy alert cards, Custom stickers and labels, and teacher stationary.  Pretty much, they have it all.  I am already pre shopping for Christmas Cards (family pictures next week!)