Choosing Charity – Book Tour & Giveaway

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As I mentioned before, I believe it is best to read books in a series in the correct order, no skipping around. I also have a hard time NOT reading the entire series.  I just got a chance to read an awesome trilogy this last week for The Book Bug’s blog tour.

Finding Faith:  Kit Matthews tries to avoid thinking about God – and her unknown birth mother – altogether. She loves her family and is content with her life in California. That is, until her parents decide to move to Utah, the land of Mormons. New surroundings and culture shock do nothing to help Kit’s social life. It is only with the help of Janet, a new friend, that Kit begins to adjust to life in Utah, as well as to the Mormon culture. Janet’s older brother, Adam, is more than happy to befriend Kit, but when their feelings begin to go beyond friendship, Kit is torn. Does she really want to devote her heart to a boy who is going to leave her for two years to serve a mission for his faith? Can she support him when she doesn’t even believe in his religion? As Kit looks deeper, she realizes that it isn’t Adam’s faith she needs to come to terms with – it’s her own.

My Thoughts:  This book was good.  I would sum it up as an addicting high school soap opera.  It is explained in detail, but you are so involved in the characters that you can’t stop reading.  It was so exciting and relatible.  I felt nostalgic for this stage in life, but thankfully glad to have already learned some of those lessons.  I felt that Kit’s study of the gospel was realistic, which was a relief.  NOT a cheesy typical teen romance story.


Having Hope:  After being reunited with Adam Bridger, the missionary she waited for for two long years, Kit Matthews experiences feelings she cannot ignore promptings that take her halfway around the world.

The strong connection she feels with orphans in Romania because of her own abandonment at birth draws Kit to Romania where she meets a Romanian medical student, Marceland when Kit challenges Marcel to learn about the gospel, she has no idea of the doors she has opened.
After learning of some disturbing news at home, Kit struggles to have hope that God is mindful of His children, and must decide between creating a new life in Romania and returning to repair her life in America.

My Thoughts:  As with all second books in a trilogy, this was my least favorite.  I could relate to Kit so well, that her life tended to stress me out.  I hated the protagonist so much, and then her story kind of falls out of the book.  I do, however, love the topic of orpans that is so prevalent, as well as the life she learns about there.  Its very realistic and not too preachy.  I am very much reminded of the College days of rooming with 5 other girls, all with varying opinions. There are great times and there are terrible times.  Later, the terrible times are what you remember as being the funniest stories.


Choosing Charity:

With a new job, a husband she adores, and a life full of friends, Kit’s life seems pretty much perfect—well, aside from the fact that her husband is in school and way too busy for Kit’s liking. And of course she’s still dealing with the fall-out from her adoptive parents’ divorce.

But when Kit learns that her biological mother wants to meet her, she’s not sure how to react. What good could possibly come from getting to know someone who left you in a dumpster to die?

Exquisitely written and full of heart, Choosing Charity is a can’t-miss read that’s sure to remind you why Christlike love is the greatest virtue of all.

My Thoughts:  This third book was by far my favorite.  Maybe because Kit, the main character, is a few years older, and closer to my own age, I can relate to her more.  I was really interested to see her reactions to the parents’ divorce and found her feelings very realistic and true to life.  I know some readers might think that Kit  was too whiny, however, I feel the character is written in a way that you get to really understand her thought process.  My only nitpick would be that Adam (her husband) seems a little too perfect. 


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