Design a Beautiful Kitchen With Ikea – Win a Microwave

For today’s feature on our Summer Spruce Up Event, we are thrilled to be working with a great company for everything you need in your house from cabinets to furniture, to home decor. IKEA!

When we were first married I lived about 10 hours away from the nearest ikea, so every trip home I would make the most of my trunk space and stock up on home essentials and basic furniture.  Now that I live 20 minutes, I know what thinks to stock up on there.  I have had some great buys, like my $3 mirror collection in my Idaho house:

great room view 1

These mirrors have been used in so many ways, but I LOVE them.  Great buy.  It made a huge impact in our tiny apartment and in our first home.

My most recent purchase was the Hemnes dresser in my twin sons room.  It is probably the best quality of dresser I have bought from them, and I put it together myself!  Can you spot the Ikea in my Basement Bathroom?  Dining Room?

IKEA is the major sponsor of our Summer Spruce Up Event, and is giving one lucky winner a DATID!

Kitchen Cabinets, remodel,

This is a Stainless Steel Microwave oven, valued at $699! This is a high cabinet installed microwave, so that it gives you space on your counter to work, and is at a comfortable working height.  It has 7 preset auto cook functions, 6 preset auto reheat functions, and 4 auto defrost functions!  This will make microwave cooking even more time saving, and easy!

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