The Joys of Raising Multiples – Guest Post

Journeys of The Zoo thought that it would be fun if we shared all the nightmares joys that are Raising Multiples so that Brooke and her Family know what to look forward to in a few years.

I’ll start out by saying that I don’t know if it’s harder or easier to raise muliples. This was and is my first and last pregnancy and

Triplets are all I Know.

  1. Support helps! For the first two months I had full-time support from my parents and they continue to be regular visitors,
  2. I’m thankful for pictures. I hardly remember the first 18 months. Breastfeeding, and dealing with the loss of Alexander kept me busy,
  3. Life gets easier, I get busier. Before, I had to transport them everywhere, now, I have to keep them from transporting themselves off the top of furniture on opposite ends of the house,
  4. Twice the amount of scheming creativity,
  5. I do not have two of everything. Sometimes I wish I did,
  6. They share everything. Except one item each,
  7. Every night is a sleepover. They love to share a bed (and do almost every night),
  8. They have their “own” language. I do not understand it,
  9. They can relate to each other. Turning in circles until you fall down and then repeating for 20 minutes is h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s. to someone the same age,
  10. They are each others best friends.
  11. Twice the number of hugs and kisses.

PhotobucketSarah is the Author of Journeys of The Zoo. When she isn’t herding her Zoo, she enjoys blogging, talking and creative pursuits, although she’s apparently not very creative. She’s sarcastic and almost always joking. She became a Mother for the first (and last) time when she gave birth to Triplets; Alexander, Maximilian and Artemis. Sadly, Alexander passed away. This is their Journey.