Are You an Online Fake?

I used to (ok sometimes still do) cringe at the idea of online dating.  It just seemed anyone could present themselves any way they wanted, pretend to be a teenage girl when they were in fact a 50 year oldpervy old man.

I started blogging and found it relieving. I could think about my feelings and WHY I was so upset and vent for the world to see. Someone else could tell me that your husband should not have wasted the last diet coke that he was mad at you for buying. That’s stupid.

I have met many people in blog land and the few I have met in real life have been awesome. More so than online (shocking I know). Instead of being creepy and covering up our true selves you can expose yourself for who you really are.

Blog friends are real friends.

So I don’t suppose it replaces friendships in real life, nor keepin in contact in person or email or phone.  It does show another side that you don’t always get to see. An easy way to express yourself.

I have been lucky to meet some local bloggers and have some meetups and attend events together. It is amazing how relaxing it is, and how easy to connect when you know so much about them.

You do have to warn your friends to not share what is discussed privately. It’s like fight club. What? I don’t know what your talking about.

I was lucky to meet my husband is a quasi idyllic world of University, where you can spend a lot of time at a lot of free activities and get to know all different sides of your spouse.  However, I think if I had to do it again (knock on wood I’ll never have to) online scares me.

So if blog friends are real friends, why can’t online boyfriends be real and not creepy boyfriends?  HMMM.